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I'm an artist, musician, writer and all-round retro enthusiast! I'll be using this page to share things that I create, whether that be creative works of my own or just gushing about something everyone else thinks is lame.

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Ref sheets uploaded for Effy!

I'm putting all my characters through some little redesigns. Bios have been tweaked, and Maple has a new ref sheet.

21 AUGUST 2020
The "Characters" page has been reinstated. I've reworked my main "fursona" characters Maple and Jam to be one entity, and I find this easier to identify with.
I've also added a bio page for Zvezda, who is a spacedog character I haven't drawn for a while but intend on bringing back! I'll slowly work through my cast of old characters and see if more of them can be developed and renewed!

15 AUGUST 2020
Temporarily removed the link for the "Characters" page while I work on a few things. It'll be back shortly.

01 JULY 2020
I told you it'd be coming soon! I've uploaded a brand new song to the Audio section! This one is a song about a quintessentially furry-fandom issue, the "con crud".

30 JUNE 2020
Added an "Audio" section! There's new music coming very soon, but for the time being I've uploaded an archive of all my past audio work. This goes all the way back to 2010, and I've given commentary on everything.
The old stuff is all download-only though, it'd take too much time to provide embedded music players for everything! Rest assured that I'm working on adding such a feature for new releases though!

01 JUNE 2020
Very minor update, but I'm now using a .com domain! My 90's kid dream has come true!

26 MAY 2020
After a long hiatus, I've opened up for commissions once again! There's a shiny new "Commission" section on the website you can check for more details!

17 MAY 2020
I've uploaded a mini comic! This is the first time I've made something like this, but it was quite fun to do!

24 APRIL 2020
I've decided I'm going to upload lineart works to the gallery. I've held back with uploading these because I was holding myself to a standard of not uploading "unfinished" pieces of art, but the truth is that I tend to draw a good amount of images that never get fully colored.
I've had good feedback on these pieces of work so it seems a shame to keep them hidden. I'll upload these pieces with dates in retrospective to the gallery over time.
Of course, if I do decide to color these pieces in the future, I'll replace the lineart versions with the full color pieces. As always, you're welcome to color these in yourself if you so desire!