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01 JULY 2020 - CON CRUD


I thought it'd be fun to make some punk songs about quintessentially furry-fandom issues, and this is the first thing I came up with. The "con crud" is a notorious affliction that everyone ends up getting after a convention, and the symptoms vary from person to person. This song makes fun of that, and implies maybe it's individual's own self-care issues that are to blame. The song has a nice heavy, chugging rhythm that to me really brings across the feeling of trying to slog onwards with daily life while your body disagrees.

Solar Sect - 2012-2014

Solar Sect was a project that was worked on during my time in university; the albums for the most part have a clear sense of direction, and some of them were used as university submissions. Vocal tracks make up the majority of work here, and lyrically it's all a little... preachy? There's an undeniable influence of HIM here, and I think I was trying to emulate that whole "dark love song" feel. Musically, things are all over the place - each album has a distinct theme or feel from the others, I think I was still trying to figure out what kind of music I wanted to make. I feel like some of the work here is overproduced, as I gained more knowledge in digital audio I became more engrossed in production and being a perfectionist. I'm still happy with the work here for the most part, I don't feel like it's all complete trash and there are some genuinely good tracks here!

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Forsaken is an incredibly minimalist album, consisting of only guitar, Gameboy and vocals. This is the first time I really tried to record more analogue-world instruments since Sielususi, and the result is pretty lo-fi. At the time, I was pushing the idea that the low quality was intentional, but in reality I'm certain this whole project was rushed. There are a few things that I could have done to improve the overall fidelity, but a lot of corners were cut. Still, it's pretty interesting to listen to as a kind of genesis of how I'm working now.

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As the name may imply, the tracks on Faith Modulation consist entirely of FM synthesis, plus vocals. This was a very fun project to do, and I submitted this for a university project where the task was to produce an album with a consistent theme. I even had a small number of copies professionally printed, which I sold at a convention the same year! Pretty wild to think there are around 10 or so of this album floating around somewhere... One thing I was particularly happy with was the use of leitmotif between the intro and outro tracks, I was very into the idea of this album being a "listen from start to finish" experience.

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Disaster System doesn't follow any kind of consistent theme or concept, and there's a very good, real-world reason for that. My home situation was very volatile at the time, and this was less a planned album and more of a last-ditch effort to record and share everything I had in the works, in the event that I'd not be able to make music again in the future. Days after I released this, I left home after my situation came to an acrimonious peak, and I lost both the physical means and mental capacity to be able to create music for at least 6 years. Despite the chaotic situation around Disaster System's release, the music here is the most polished work I'd done to date. There are a few instances of overproduction, and some tracks are a lot more experimental than others, but there are a few tracks on here I'm genuinely proud of. I thought Under the Weather was my Magnum Opus for the longest time, and though it's repetitive I still feel that it's a great moody and cathartic tune!

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Unreleased until now, this is less a structured album and more a collection of alternate recordings or remixes of content from previous albums. Non-FM versions of tracks that appear on Faith Modulation are here, as well as other tracks that were chopped up and reworked into new songs. Monochrome is fundamentally a track made up of around 4-5 older songs, and most of them are represented here. There's also a fair amount of Sielususi content here, as the intention was to release this without the context of the previous musical project having existed.

Sielususi - 2010-2012

Sielususi was my first foray into not only making music digitally, but completely solo. It was very much a learning process more than a serious attempt to create something listenable, experimenting with different sounds and styles. There are very few vocal tracks, and most of the music here is very basic both in terms of instrumentation and melody. Looking back, I'm surprised how frequently I managed to churn this work out!

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This is really interesting for me retrospectively, as these are two tracks that were originally written for the band I was in that came to an end in 2010. These recordings were done as demos that would be shown to the band with the intention of embellishing them further. After the band broke up, I decided to keep them for myself with the intent of releasing an album - but instead I started to invest time into producing music digitally!

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Nothing incredibly interesting here, mostly just interesting to see my first steps with digital production. The tracks are made either in Garageband or on a Gameboy, and the instruments in the former are very stock sounding. The album title is Finnish for "I don't know" and I think that's incredibly telling of what I was doing - mostly playing around with little direction.

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This is the first real serious attempt I had at making a full album that would be available for people to listen to. The vocal tracks are still okay, and arguably still hold up even now. The overall digital production is still rather embryonic and undeveloped, it's clear I had ambition here but lacked the knowledge to really execute anything worthwhile.

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Both this and the following Active Radio are a result of hammering out generic electronic tunes. There's no vocal tracks here, and a lot of the melodies are derivative of songs from video games, mainly Touhou Project titles. There are some interesting little melodies here and there, but nothing really stands out on its own. This is where I start playing around with themed albums, this one being themed around rainbows and the sky and other floaty things, which results in a lot of airy synthesiser sounds.

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I feel like melodically, this album is a lot more chaotic and not quite as good as Rainbow Breaker. The theme of this one was nuclear power, and the chaos was definitely intentional. There's also a generous amount of klaxons, of the stock Garageband variety. The only real standout thing to come of this album is Tokamak, which would go on to become Under the Weather.

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A fair amount of the tracks intended for this album are included in System Disasters, and there's only a few extra tracks here that are relatively early in the production stage. This was probably the whiniest concept I had, and I think I may have dropped the whole thing for being pretentious! The intention was to have "sister" albums, the counterpart being named Love: The Perfect Shade of Pain, though that never began production. The idea was that one album would focus on more melancholy tracks, while the other was more romantic - they would even share songs but have the lyrics altered to fit each theme. It was a lofty concept, but one that I think may have been flawed from the beginning.