Full Name: Aino Valo
Age: 27
Date of Birth: 6 December
Gender: Female
Species: Suomen Lapinkoira
Height: 5'7"
Weight: [REDACTED]
Build: Stocky, extreme bust
Hair Color: Black (Dyed)
Eye Color: Brown, wears a white contact in right eye
Fur Color: White
Paw Pad Color: Black
Markings: None
Piercings: Silver nose ring, snake bites, 2 ear stretchers in each ear
Flesh Color: Pink
Occupation: None
Location: Oulunkylä, Finland
Speech / Accent: Well-spoken English accent, swears exclusively in Finnish
Skills: None
Personality: Confident, moody, lazy, mischievous, narcissistic, anti-authoritarian
Likes: Metal, punk, live music, tobacco
Dislikes: Everyone, being called an "emo" or "goth", rules
Relationships: None


Aino is a grungy girl who spends most of her time loitering around cities, meeting friends and chain smoking. When she's not being a public nuisance, she frequents alternative clubs and live music shows. She gets quite rambunctious at shows, and has been known to hang out back stage to coerce band members into signing her breasts.
She's very proud of her curves, and takes any opportunity to show herself off and how she stands out from the rest of the crowd. She loves the attention she gets, and doesn't let anyone idly ogle her without her catching them!


♦ Aino's birthday is Finnish Independence Day.
♦ Aino's first name comes from the Finnish epic Kalevala, a name meaning "the only one" which is given to a beautiful female character who tragically drowns herself to avoid marrying an old man. The second part of her name simply means "light" - so together she has quite a bright and cheerful name, in direct juxtaposition with her actual personality!


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