Full Name: Yevgeniya Molokova (Евгения Молокова)
Age: 20
Date of Birth: 30 May
Gender: Female
Species: Cow / Dragon
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 300lbs
Build: Top-heavy
Hair Color: Teal
Eye Color: Green
Fur Color: White
Hoof / Horn Color: Black
Markings: Red stripes beneath eyes
Piercings: None
Flesh Color: Pink
Occupation: Student
Birthplace: Ukraine
Location: Oxford, UK
Speech / Accent: Broken / incorrect English, strong Ukrainian accent
Skills: Resourcefulness, crafting, cooking
Personality: Confident, inquisitive, generous, caring, sympathetic
Likes: Sweets, cakes, pineapples, baking, sharing culture
Dislikes: Meat (she's vegetarian!), spiders, thunder
Relationships: None


As an international student, Effy is inquisitive and eager to experience new things. Though she was once shy and hesitant to step outside of her comfort zone, the more she did so, the more confident she became over time. She is now quite brave, and jumps at any opportunity to experience something new or expand her horizons, which can lead to her being a little reckless at times, often taking risks.
She is of the mindset of "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger", and feels like everything is worth trying once. She'd rather get potentially injured doing something exciting than die having lived a boring life!
Besides this, she is very open and friendly, and will give anyone a fair chance at being a friend - she doesn't like stereotypes and won't be swayed by rumours, instead preferring to discover things for herself.


Effy's birthday is the closest date I can find for her earliest character design. This first concept was actually part of a character design contest, where she had a very different design. For example, she originally had patches of human-like skin for parts of her body, with fur only covering her head and limbs!
Effy's original design had a lot of references to nuclear technology / radioactivity, and some of these features are still present in her current design. Most notably, her hairstyle is based on Reiuji Utsuho from "Touhou Chireiden ~ Subterranean Animism". Though it's more subtle, her dark, chunky hooves are a reference to the "Elephant's Foot" corium formation present beneath Chernobyl's Reactor 4.


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